Seed The Difference

About Us


IMG_4867Welcome to Seed the Difference, an eco-friendly jewelry business created by me, Leo, and my wife, Lisa, based in Sarasota, Florida, USA.

We met each other in Costa Rica in 2002 and loved visiting beaches and finding natures treasures. We ended up with a large collection of shells, driftwood, seeds, and sea beans (seeds that have drifted around the oceans before finding their way onshore). We enjoyed making large mobiles to hang around our home, or give away as gifts while we lived there.

Neala's4thBirthday013We settled in the US, and in 2004 we decided to make necklaces for Christmas presents from the seeds and shells that we had collected. Our friends and family loved the natural creations and the seed had been planted. It took a few years for our seed to ‘sprout.

After being introduced to Açai seeds, we began making bracelets exclusively from seeds. We soon discovered that we had seeds in our own backyard…Poinciana seeds, Nickernuts, miniature coconuts and Lion’s teeth (Shacapa seeds). Seed jewelry is an ancient tradition shared by many cultures across the world. We are inspired by those ancient traditions and are excited to keep this art alive in a modern fashion.


We are environmentally conscious and decided early on that our entire line would be ecologically friendly. We incorporate driftwood and locally harvested bamboo for displaying our jewelry.

We currently run our business from our home in Sarasota, Florida, while raising two daughters. Our oldest daughter, Uva, is currently 9 years old. She created her own children’s line of seeded bracelets. While we traveled to India last summer, she realized that not all children have the same opportunities. Inspired by Gandhi’s famous quote, “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” her line of jewelry is called, Seed the Change, and she is donating 5% of her proceeds to the United Nations Children’s Fund.